Aligning resources appropriately with events or conditions most likely to occur in the future.


In today’s changing healthcare landscape, it is becoming as important to anticipate future health care events and expenditures as it is to do retrospective analysis. Health Lumen’s Data Science Lab is a continuous development environment for predictive analytic insights to guide your business decision making.

Our models are developed by healthcare experts in collaboration with data scientists, ensuring that the results lead to actionable outcomes that are meaningful to your business. Because we house consumer data about each adult individual in the US, these predictive insights can be deployed with no up-front data transfer or integration from our clients.


However, additional health care information, such as medical and pharmacy history, biometrics, health risk assessment responses, etc., can be added to the models in order to enhance the prediction power.

Is your current or prospective patient or member:

  • Likely to visit the Emergency Room more than 3 times in the next year?

  • Predicted to be higher risk than an average population?

  • Likely to have an interest in purchasing a High Deductible health plan?

  • Likely to incur care in an Inpatient setting in the next 12 months?

  • Likely to have another condition, event, or expense?


In addition to the pre-built predictive models, we are always expanding our portfolio. This includes internally initiated data studies as well as custom analyses for our clients. Whether the finding is standard or custom, the results can be transmitted directly to our clients for consumption or incorporated into our integrated analytic platform.

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