Identify and understand populations and individuals who represent the greatest opportunity.


Whether you are starting your analytic process with consumer data only or have additional data types to be integrated, Health Lumen’s opportunity analytics can help you focus your limited resources to attain maximum value.

Health Lumen’s analytic platform not only integrates the disparate data types available, but provides users with intuitive dashboards, standard reports, and hundreds of dynamic attributes and metrics for understanding the healthcare needs of populations and individuals.


Segment your population by demographic profiles, risk stratification, biometric indicators, HRA responses, quality metrics or even detailed information such as diagnoses. Your data becomes the driver of informed decision making.

Find commonalities among populations or dig deep into an area of interest. We retain the most detailed information, so it is easy to drill to the profile of a single individual. And because the data is integrated, many disparate sources can be utilized together to help you better understand their stories.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Consumer Insights

  • Socioeconomic Segmentation

  • Quality, Cost & Use Metrics

  • Risk Identification & Stratification

  • Potentially Avoidable Service Insights

  • Chronic Care Opportunity Identification

  • Payment Innovation Modeling

  • Data Integration from Multiple Sources

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