Not Your Average Joe

Get started using Consumer Data only.


Each consumer of healthcare services, whether a member or patient of your organization, has distinctly different influences on their health and well-being. We’d like to introduce you to Joe. Getting to know Joe, including his outlook about his own health, relies on understanding more about who he is as a person as he goes about his day-to-day life. To get to know Joe, you need detailed demographic information like geography, age, family composition, education, and interests. This information allows you to understand how Joe spends his time and money. Furthermore, learning Joe’s distinctive attitudes, values, and motivations towards the health care system are necessary to truly connect with him, on his terms, for the best results.


After all, he’s not your average Joe!



Since we know quite a bit about Joe, we can motivate him with personalized information designed to increase his level of engagement that best supports his health and well-being.

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