Our solutions drive informed decision-making in a multitude of settings across the health care industry.

Analytics should be part of a solution, not a limiting factor. To support this, we ensure that our solutions are:




  • Discovery analytics that enables identification of high-value business opportunities

  • Predictive insights that help prioritize resource allocation to high-potential targets

  • Prescriptive insights that create personalization that drives engagement and activation



  • Hosted analytic platform creates economies-of-scale for clients of any size

  • Three-tiered pricing model allows clients to start small and move fast

  • Deep expertise in healthcare data integration reduces implementation time and cost



  • Best-in-class, enterprise-grade technologies allow for performance, capacity and data security

  • Ready access to healthcare and consumer data enables constant innovation

  • Solutions scale up and down (hosting for small companies/insight factory for large companies)


Our belief is that all companies should have access to the right tools to make better decisions, regardless of size or budget.


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