See Jane Run

Consumer Data + HRA & Biometric Data.


Unlike Dolly, we do not have Jane’s historical claims data to understand her care patterns. However, we do have Jane’s Health Risk Assessment and Biometric data, which gives us many clues to Jane’s health and her understanding of her health.


We also understand whether Jane is ready to make a change in her behaviors that promote better health.



Jane is a busy mom of three and a career woman. Her time is valuable and although she cares about her health, she also has many other priorities competing for her time. She is more likely to visit the doctor for one of her kids than for herself, so making healthcare fit easily into her busy schedule is a must.


She will be more likely to engage in programs that have flexibility and incorporate positive change that will not only impact her, but will also impact her family’s health and wellness. Now that we know more about Jane as a person, we can find the correct methods and strategies to engage her in her own healthcare.

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