Hello Dolly

Consumer Data + Claims Data.

Now, let’s learn more about Dolly. Like Joe, Dolly’s consumer footprint is well known. However, if you have Dolly’s healthcare claims data, you know her utilization patterns and the costs associated with her care. Reviewing Dolly’s claims information allows for the assignment of a health score and provides deeper understanding of the conditions that contribute to her overall health status.


Populations can be stratified by these scores and conditions and appropriate resources can be prioritized and allocated to Dolly and her peers in order to optimize the care provided.


Because we have both her claims and consumer data, we know a lot more about Dolly that helps us understand her story. Not only do Dolly’s conditions need to be managed more closely, but we also need to engage her in regular primary care services to help detect future health issues before they become major problems. We now know how to connect with Dolly on a personal level to ensure she participates in the care she needs.

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